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Broken Rhythm: Bruce Lee, Musashi & Music                By: Adisa, The Bishop
As the debates continue about the historic accuracy of Birth of the Dragon, no one debates the cultural impact of Bruce Lee. His roles as a martial artist and philosopher make his assure his status as possibly the most legendary martial artist ever. However, one of the most fascinating things about Bruce Lee is really not his fighting. It is his dancing. More than that though, it is valuable to look at how his dancing impacted his approach to fighting. Beyond that, it is about how this fusion of dancing, fighting and music seem to be eternally connected.   Bruce never really rocked turntables, but, this manipulated image is dope. Creator is unknown.
Bruce Lee was a championCha Cha dancer. In fact, his first job in America was as a dance teacher. This may appear boring on the surface to some people. However, for those who are authentic lovers of music (especially Hip-Hop) it makes the man even more fascinati…

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